7 Signs It’s Time to Unify Your UX Design Across Mobile and Web Apps
7 Signs It’s Time to Unify Your UX Design Across Mobile and Web Apps
Do you experience one or more of these signs?
  • 1 YELLOW BRICK ROAD SYNDROME. You and everyone in your company already knows what you must do – extend your web or thick client solution to smartphones and tablets. But nobody has the courage ("Cowardly Lion) or knowledge ("Tin Woodman") to take on the problems you expect from doing it.
  • 2 SEPARATE, NOT EQUAL. You have separate, uncoordinated web and mobile products. Each has their own design and development teams. The apps reflect fragmentation of effort.
  • 3 INCONSISTENCY BLUES. Your interface is inconsistent across devices in both functionality and appearance. Users struggle with multiple versions of what they expected to be one product.
  • 4 STUMBLING FEATURE ROLLOUTS. You cannot launch new features on all devices at once. Users are annoyed or worse. They’re missing features they need on the device they use.
  • 5 USERS-IN-WAITING. Your app’s functionality isn’t in sync across web and mobile. So customers wait. They delay buying new releases.
  • 6 LOST USERS, FOUND COMPETITORS. You lose users due to delays in functionality being available across required devices. Your formerly weaker competitors, who don’t have these issues, gain ground from you.
  • 7 FRUSTRATION RAMPANT. Your company decided that the proliferation of devices, resolutions and operating systems is impossible to keep up with.
If you’re the...
... VP/Director of Development
  • Reduced UI development costs.
  • Faster time to market.
... VP/Director of Products
  • Simultaneous release of new features across all devices.
  • Stronger competitor position.
... VP/Director of User Experience
  • Consistent responsive experience across all devices.
  • Faster design of new features.
... CEO
  • Incremental revenue due to improved adoption from full availability of features.
  • Better looking bottom line due to reduced design, development and support costs.
... Users
  • Increased efficiency due to consistency across all devices.
  • Access to new features across all devices.
The Path Forward is Clear
Catalyst UX is a world leader in unified UX design implementation. We’ve led hundreds of teams through a structured approach that results in a consistent, responsive design across multiple devices and applications. Your escape from these problems starts by getting in touch with us.
Help me unify my UX design.
Help me unify my UX design.