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Each year $1.8 trillion is wasted on legacy systems. If you are operating legacy software, it's time to migrate. Work with Catalyst UX - the leader in legacy system modernization.

Helping Medicare Seniors

Over 250,000 medicare patients relied on this solution for in-home visits and evaluations. The system was initially a touch-tone telephone based solution that was time consuming and logistically difficult.

Catalyst re-imagined the solution to be a cellular connected tablet with a simple, easy to understand visual interface that was no longer dependent upon patients being evaluated next to their phone. The solution enabled more focus on the patient by providers and greater involvement and delight by patients.

Leading hospitals rely on MedAssist to simplify the financial experience for low income patients seeking hospital emergency room services. The challenge is to make the solution simple and easy to understand for patients who do not have financial skills and are dealing with a medical emergency.

Catalyst provided an updated mobile solution that simplified the experience to enable patients to focus on the medical issues they were dealing with and have the comfort that the MedAssist solution would help them navigate the financial options.
Unify - Real Estate CRM

Lending for real estate loans is competitive and fast paced. The Unify solution was tailored specifically for mortgage lending, had robust capabilities but needed to be simplified and updated.

Catalyst provided updated UX design and UI development to enable Unify to provide consistency across modules and devices to help maintain Unify as the industry leading choice.

Shotspotter is the leading provider of gunshot detection and is used by many of the largest urban cities across America. With expansion of the product offering through internal development and acquisitions ShotSpotter needed to make certain customers had a consistent experience across products and devices.

Catalyst provided a UX design system and ongoing UI design and development across the entire ShotSpotter product offering to deliver a consistent experience across desktop, tablets and mobile devices being used in the most demanding situations.


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