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The Catalyst Unified UX Approach
A Proven Methodology --
Refined in close to 650 projects
Our Approach

Today’s users demand more from their software than ever before. And delivering on those expectations starts with a standout user experience (UX).

For the past 28 years, we’ve helped companies in Medical / Life Sciences, Finance and organizations with Complex Operational Systems create beautiful, elegant UX.

Our proven methodology—evolved over nearly 650 projects—blends user research, digital strategy, UX design and UI development to deliver crisp, innovative software experiences that work in the most demanding conditions. Learn more about our Unified UX approach.

Benefits of a Unified UX Approach

The Unified UX Approach follows four main phases: discovery, definition, design, and development. We’ve found that when clients apply this Unified UX approach, they reap many benefits -- from a consistent UX to faster time to market. Here are some of the advantages:

Consistent UX Experience Across Applications and Devices
When software is inconsistent across devices or portfolios, users feel less comfortable adopting it. Unifying your UX builds familiarity between solutions, so moving from application to application feels more natural for your users.
Faster Time to Market
Building standalone solutions requires a bigger investment of time and resources. With a Unified UX, you create a reusable code library, so building new applications is easier and faster.
Ongoing User Validation
The Unified UX Approach includes regular, systematic, ongoing user validation so you deliver the best product possible.
Rapid Iteration
One way to accelerate progress and iteration is through rapid iteration. Through a systematic, agile approach, Catalyst UX gathers feedback and makes iterations throughout the process.
Strategic Innovation
Not every part of software can be or deserves full innovation. That’s why, during our Discovery Phase, our team works with you to identify discrete Points of Innovation that can set your product or service apart from the competition.
Systematic Risk Reduction
Risk in software development is inherent. But at Catalyst UX we apply a systematic approach to limit exposure and ensure the best product possible is delivered.
UX Market Leadership
Our five-point Comparative UX Analysis goes far beyond a competitive review, ensuring you have visibility into how your product stacks up and how your UX might ultimately set your company apart.