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UX Design Insights: Learning from Social Media Giants on Overcoming Cognitive Biases

Social networking platforms are designed to keep users engaged and entertained. The success of these popular platforms, in part, is due to how their UX deliberately reduces the negative effects of certain cognitive biases. In this article, we will examine three common cognitive biases and how LinkedIn, TikTok, and Instagram specifically use those principles to impact their UX design decisions, creating a better online experience for their users. What is a cognitive bias? A cognitive bias refers to a systematic [...]

Validating Your Product Concept: How Lean UX Design Can Help You Iterate Quickly

Lean User Experience (UX) Design is a customer-centric methodology focusing on delivering value to users. It achieves this through an iterative process of experimentation, collaboration, communication, and learning. Lean UX Design reduces waste and maximizes efficiency by adopting a "build, measure, learn" cycle that encourages rapid prototyping and testing. The approach is grounded in the principles of lean methodology, widely used in manufacturing and software development. Cross-functional teams collaborate on UX design concepts to create simple, intuitive products that meet [...]

Why Simplicity in UX Design Matters: The Impacts and Steps to Simplify Your Product

UX design is all about creating user experiences that are intuitive, engaging, and easy to use. One of the most important principles of UX design is simplicity. In this article, we'll explore why simplicity matters in UX design, the impacts of simplicity on user experience, and some steps or ideas to simplify your product. Why Simplicity Matters in UX Design: Simplicity matters in UX design for several reasons. First and foremost, it helps users to understand the product quickly and [...]

How Inclusive Design Can Improve Your Digital Products

Historically, UX pioneers have not emphasized designing for a diverse range of user identities which means UX design is often taught with little-to-no mention of inclusive design practices. In this article, we’ll define these terms and share why inclusive design principles are a critical component of successful UX Design. Accessibility Design vs. Inclusive Design Accessibility and inclusive design often get used interchangeably and while they are related, they are not the same. When talking exclusively about accessibility, it should be [...]

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8 Technologies You Can Access After Updating Your Legacy Applications

One of the biggest challenges faced by enterprise businesses is legacy software. Whether you had a custom application made for you several years ago or you built your tech stack on software that has aged over time, legacy applications will eventually hold back your business. In fact, if your legacy applications haven't been updated with the times, you are missing out on the latest technologies that have been released since your solution was built.  Once you start updating your legacy [...]

Using UX Design to Drive Business Growth

In today's digital landscape, UX design has become increasingly important. Consumers have come to expect high-quality and seamless experiences from the products and services they use. In addition to improving customer satisfaction and loyalty, UX design can have a significant impact on a business's bottom line, driving growth and success. This article outlines the importance of User Experience and the role UX plays in every facet of a business product ecosystem.  The Importance of User Experience A positive user experience [...]

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Navigating Economic Downturns With UX|UI Innovation

There are clear signs of recession in every industry. This includes supply chain disruptions, negative consumer views, rising interest rates, high inflation, and more. However, while several companies are cutting back on business expenses, the demand for quality services is still increasing.  In today's digital age, several companies interact with consumers and other businesses through digital platforms. Convenience, ease of use, and a great user experience (UX) have become a necessity. This means that, despite the economic downturn, it is [...]