Artificial Intelligence
Think artificial intelligence (AI) is just a tech buzzword? Think again. AI can help you complete highly specialized tasks in a fraction of the time by delivering data-driven insights and assistance at key moments. It’s how we’re helping medical and life sciences companies optimize the productivity and efficiency of complex instruments—while requiring less training for users.
Mobile apps are no longer secondary—now companies are creating solutions that are optimally completed within a mobile setting. Some examples from our own work include growers testing foods in the field before packing, water companies testing at the well and doctors accessing vital information in real time during consultations.
Digitizing source data
Your company creates huge volumes of data every day. Digitizing it makes it easier to access timely information—which can boost collaboration, efficiency and accuracy. Take one of our medical clients, who digitized tissue samples and developed algorithms to aid pathologists in diagnosing particular types of cancer.
Voice user interfaces
For mechanics working with heavy equipment—or utility workers repairing a power line—voice-to-text creates a safe and easy way to work when keyboards aren’t an option. And thanks to Google, Amazon and Apple, you now have access to an array of cloud-based voice recognition and translation services, making it easier than ever to deploy in your own solutions.
Insights from connected devices
For our clients with highly complex and expensive devices, connecting them to the internet opens up a new world of possibilities. It helps them detect maintenance, service and inventory requirements earlier so machines stay up and running more reliably. In the end, that means greater efficiency and lower total cost of ownership.
Predictive analysis
As with AI, predictive analytics are changing the way companies use data in their decision-making, by serving up predictive recommendations at just the right time. One of our own clients—a fuel management and distribution company—uses this technology to not only schedule deliveries but also to generate HAZMAT-approved routes for drivers.
Enhanced data capture
Relying on users to enter data can be time-consuming and error-prone. Integrating supplemental data sources can make those processes faster and more accurate. We recently worked with a mortgage provider to help buyers complete their entire application in minutes from their smartphone, by having them authorize banks and employers to share account info.
Simplified Design
Whether you’re redesigning existing digital solutions or starting from scratch, there’s one surefire way to improve your software fast: Simplify it. Simplifying your UX can deliver powerful results, helping you cut down on training time, increase adoption and—most importantly—make it easier to design for mobile and responsive apps.