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Advancing the Management of Cardiovascular Disease
Cardiologists and patients need to keep track of many indicators when assessing someone’s health as it relates to a heart condition. With all of this information, it can be overwhelming to show and monitor the most critical factors in a way that patients can easily consume. Catalyst UX designed a digital solution to track and visually display the critical information a patient and their doctor need to manage heart-related conditions. The incorporation of graphs, charts and videos allows for more consumable information.
A Family of Diagnostic Instruments, One UX Design System
Catalyst has provided UX research design and development to provide a consistent experience across the Roche product line of tissue diagnostic instruments, desktop and mobile applications. The Roche product line assists histotechs in laboratories across the globe to test patient tissues for cancer. The redesigned, unified system ensures more accuracy and faster processing of the test tissues for better patient outcomes.
Digital Transformation
Catalyst UX will help you uncover and deliver capabilities necessary for digital transformation. Pictured here is part of Catalyst UX’s work with Synchron, a pioneering computer interface company. Catalyst is helping to build a handsfree, completely modular cross-platform system that enables people to interact with existing operating systems -- without the use of a mouse or keyboard. See more of our work in digital transformation here.
Medical Device Design and Development
Catalyst is a leading UX design and development organization with deep experience in medical devices and life science instruments. We have worked on well over 50 projects in medical and life sciences space. Clients choose us in part because we:
  • Have experience with design, research and testing for FDA-regulated devices
  • Can ensure UX is designed for HIPAA compliance and data privacy
  • Do formative and summative testing required by the FDA
  • Work with a wide range of technologies, including embedded, that are key to medical instruments


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