Is your UX inconsistent across devices or applications?
If your digital solutions look anything like this, you could be damaging your business in ways you’re not even aware of.
Application 01
Not Available
Partial Functionality
Application 02
Lags Features
Lags Features
Application 03
Not Available
Tablet First
Not Optimized
Application 04
Unified UX
Unified UX
Unified UX
The consequences are real.
And they could already be affecting your business.
Higher costs
From design to specification to development, the whole process is more expensive when you build out applications and solutions individually rather than using common design principles and elements.
Longer time to market
Building standalone solutions requires a bigger investment of time and resources. With a Unified UX, you create a reusable code library, so building new apps is easier and faster.
Insufficient skills and expertise
Updating applications built over time with different technologies requires a team well-versed in all of them. Often, you’ll either have the skills to update your old software or move forward with current technologies—but not both.
Weaker adoption
When software is inconsistent across devices or portfolios, users feel less comfortable adopting it. Unifying your UX builds familiarity between solutions, so moving from application to application feels more natural for your users.
Higher training and support costs
For users who do stick with inconsistent software, you’ll need to dedicate more time and resources to training and support. When functionality is similar from application to application, it’s easier for users to learn on their own.
Competitive vulnerability
What happens when you can’t extend your desktop experience to mobile or tablet? Users turn to a competitor who can. A Unified UX brings that competitive advantage to your products instead.
Lower company valuation
When looking to acquire a company, one of the first things investors look at is how well their solutions function across portfolios and devices. A Unified UX will give you a clear advantage when that time comes.
Avoid the pitfalls with the Catalyst Unified UX approach.
A Unified UX helps you ensure consistency across your entire family of digital solutions as well as across devices.