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9 Ways Companies Work With Catalyst
Digital Transformation

The rules of business are being re-written nearly every day with the imperative for digital transformation. Companies must now be continuously reinventing their offering or watch from the sidelines while their market is disrupted. If you are looking to stay ahead of competitors and deliver exceptional customer experience with transformative digital solutions, look no further. Catalyst UX has worked with dozens of companies on designing transformative user experiences. Learn more about our digital transformation work here.

Extend to Mobile

Catalyst UX has worked on hundreds of mobile applications. We can help you get your application to market fast and ensure that your mobile solution(s) are useful and usable. Our team of UX/UI researchers, designers and architects follow our Catalyst Unified UX 16-point methodology to ensure insight gathered along the way is reflected into user-tested design. We conduct research with users to get a keen understanding of their needs within real-life mobile settings. We also strive to deliver a single responsive code-base that provides access across a wide range of mobile devices.

Medical Device Design and Development

Bringing a medical device to market is much more nuanced than designing other user experiences. Along with a thoughtful product design and development process, medical companies must ensure their designs meet HIPAA compliance and data privacy requirements -- all of which Catalyst UX has experience with. In fact, Catalyst UX has over 27 years of experience and deep understanding of UX/UI as it relates to medical device and life science instruments. Learn more here.

Migration of Legacy Enterprise Software

Most designers and developers enjoy coming up with a new idea and seeing it through. However, often the biggest UX challenge is redesigning an existing system. If you are migrating your legacy system to a cloud-based or SaaS solution, Catalyst UX can help. We have migrated hundreds of legacy systems and we can help you update your software and get it to market fast.

Unified UX Design Systems

By using a collection of repeatable components and standards, you can accelerate the pace of your team’s creation and innovation. In fact, a unified design approach can often reduce UX design and development costs by 40% to 50%. So why hire Catalyst UX? Because we have a proprietary Catalyst Unified UX approach we use to help our clients reinforce their brand, reduce their development costs and accelerate time to market for their application(s).

Ongoing Production UX Design and Development

Catalyst UX provides ongoing production UX design and development resources. We’ll integrate into your development team seamlessly. We will work with your desired development tools and with your team’s planning process.

Rapid Product Concepts

Rapid product concepts are a great way to either test a product concept, raise money for a product, or close a deal. And, when you work with Catalyst UX you can envision the future quickly. In just 14 to 21 days we’ll deliver an interactive product concept. Not only have we delivered hundreds of inspirational concepts, but our experience and deep experience with UX design and development, we won’t introduce unnecessary and costly elements into the prototyping process. That way you know your interactive concept will be usable. Also, if you’re interested in using the prototype for research, we can help. We have seasoned Human Factors Engineers and Social Scientists that can work alongside your team.

User Research and Usability Studies

At Catalyst UX, we have developed a 16-point Unified UX methodology, refined over more than 600 initiatives, and backed by a tailored user-centered design life cycle that ensures user validation throughout the entire process: discover, define, design and develop. Within this framework, Catalyst UX offers a broad range of user research activities and studies, including formative and summative studies for FDA-regulated products. Get perspective on our approach here.

On Demand UX Retainer

Does your organization develop multiple applications that need a consistent user experience across applications and devices? Setting up a skilled internal UX team with a proven approach to do this is a tall order.

We know. We’ve helped companies like Cisco, Firemen’s Fund, First Data, Chase, Roche and Ceridian do just that. Typically, the minimum-sized UX team for a multi-application organization is six people (this includes UX Architects, Researchers, Designers and UI Developers). These are highly sought after, expensive resources. Because of this, the fully loaded cost of a six-person team could be up to $800,000 a year or nearly $70,000 per month.

There’s another way. Once you’ve completed a UX initiative with Catalyst, you can activate the Catalyst On Call UX Retainer. For a monthly retainer fee, you get all the capabilities and resources of a whole UX design/development team for about the cost of one full-time hire. See what's included here.