Our Work

Six ways companies work with Catalyst
Migration of Legacy Systems
Do you need to migrate your outdated legacy system to a cloud-based solution?

We've migrated hundreds of legacy systems by:
  • Understanding and simplifying your user base's core experience.
  • Updating your UI technologies to the most advanced on the market
  • Creating a flexible, modular system that can be reused in future development
Example: Priava is a leading global provider of Event Management solutions. Catalyst provided UX design and development to enable Priava to migrate the legacy solution to be responsive and mobile-accessible.
App Extension to Mobile and Cloud-Based
Need to extend to mobile but don't have the in-house expertise?

We do. Our team will:
  • Make your applications mobile-accessible fast, backed by our collective decades of experience in mobile design
  • Develop your software using the latest mobile technologies that integrate with your existing solutions
  • Deliver a modular, reusable UI design system that lets you add new features easily and cost-effectively over the life of the application
Example: Catalyst worked with Medicardia to design a highly tailored digital experience to track cardiovascular risk factors in patients at home and during office consultations.
Unified UX: A Consistent Experience Across Multiple Applications and Multiple Devices
Reinforce your brand, reduce development costs, and accelerate time to market by giving your applications the same look and feel.

We use a proven approach to:
  • Evaluate all your applications to identify common patterns and UI conventions
  • Create a unified UX design system that specifies design and guiding principles
  • Establish a reusable UI code library for use by your development teams
Example: ShotSpotter is the industry leader for gunshot detection in high crime areas. Catalyst provided unified UX design and development.
UX Design System
A UX design system will provide a consistent experience across multiple applications and devices.

When working with Catalyst UX you will get:
  • A reusable library of UI panels and components
  • Meticulously detailed core reusable views for putting together future user flows
  • A consistent palette, typography and icons that showcase your brand
  • Design files directly consumable by development
Example: Linedata, owned by eFront, provides financial institutions with a suite of solutions. Catalyst created a UX design system that provides consistency across multiple solutions on desktop and mobile.
Digital Transformation
Looking to reap the benefits of big data and IoT? A better UX design can help.

Our team will:
  • Conduct user research to clarify what capabilities are necessary for digital services
  • Identify IoT opportunities that will create significant business impact
  • Use proven privacy by design measures, to ensure that solutions are compliant with HIPAA guidelines and data privacy
Example: Catalyst worked with Sandata to transform a touch-tone phone based system used for millions of patient evaluations to a mobile-based system with GPS location for fraud prevention.