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Patient Centered Design

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9 Medical UX Trends to Watch in 2023

In the guide “Patient Centered Design” you’ll learn:

  • What the four major spheres of the patient care continuum are

  • What health issues pertain to each sphere

  • Examples of digital tools used in each phase

  • The different abilities and requirements you’ll need to consider when building a virtual care offering

In the medical industry, patients are at the heart of every decision made. That’s why it is crucial to understand that every individual has a care experience continuum they move through. At Catalyst UX we have identified four major spheres on this patient care continuum: lifestyle and wellness, as needed therapies, event specific, and chronic conditions.  These elements of the virtual care continuum make up the largest part of spending for healthcare in the US. Our guide to patient centered design will help inform your designing of virtual healthcare solutions and ensure you are leveraging this information in the most beneficial way.

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