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Why Design Systems are Important

Increasingly distributed teams are working on multiple digital solutions all with the goal of having a consistent user experience. But when you don’t have a UX design system, it’s inevitable that things will go wrong. A UX design system provides a roadmap and system for designers and UI engineers to deliver a consistent user experience without re-creating or duplicating work.

Signs You Need a UX Design System

If you don’t have a documented, unified UX design system to establish baseline templates, components, and rules for your product, then your team is going to be rebuilding pages or components with 100% effort each time. While there are numerous reasons to implement a UX design system, these are some of the biggest signs you need a UX design system.

Multiple Development Teams With Varying Skills
Solutions That Have Been Acquired
Loss of Business to Competitors
Outdated User Experience
Techincal Debt and Defects in the UI Code
Inconsistent Experience Across Solutions

The Benefits of a UX Design System

When you examine the complexities inherent to building or growing any digital product, you see how quickly inconsistency, inefficiency, and design debt can creep in. To avoid these pitfalls, a well-documented UX design system is one of the best investments you can make. Not only will it provide a better, more consistent user experience, it will also streamline workflows for your design and development teams. Here are a few benefits:

Consistent Experience Across Solutions and Devices
Save Up to 80% In Design and Development Cost
Extend the Life Cycle and Drive Incremental Revenue
Get to Market Faster

Plan Your Approach

Want to see examples of UX designs systems? With over 650 projects under our belt, we know a thing or two about UX. Contact us. We’ll share examples of UX design systems we’ve created for leading and emerging brands.