Just like a regular health check you would conduct for yourself, your product or digital solution needs a UX health check.  Why? A UX health check can help you figure out how well your product is currently measuring up to user expectations.  It helps uncover things like usability issues, information architecture and more.

Normally a UX health check is performed by a UX researcher, designer, product owner or engineer. But another way to quickly tell if you need a UX overhaul or even a few fixes is to look for these 10 signs.


Are you losing business because of your poor user interface?  


incomeInvesting in a good UI/UX can have a direct impact on your business. It helps with customer acquisition, loyalty and satisfaction. But the inverse can also be true. If your UX is not up to par, you might be losing new customers. If a UX is outdated or complicated, people might choose your competitors over you. And worse yet, you may lose existing customers to alternatives or competitors.  Outside of the sales numbers telling you this is happening, you can also turn to your sales organization for feedback and insight.


Do you have excessive support calls because of your UI?

telephone-call (2)

Because so much of how business is conducted is online, contacting customer service often reflects a UX failure.  If you need to provide users with excessive support on using your software, it’s an indication that the UX is poorly designed or needs an overhaul.

Do you receive negative feedback from customers?

negative-reviewThis should be a tell-tale sign. But, if you receive feedback that your solution is inefficient, difficult to use or incomplete, that is a tell-tale sign that it’s time for an update.  You may not hear this directly from your customers. But your employees are another proxy for this feedback. This is especially true if they are unable to work effectively with customers because of a difficult UI or if it makes it hard for them to complete their job.

Is your UI designed by a back end development team?

developerGiven the push to move more online, users’ expectations have significantly grown in terms of quality UX.  In the past, applications have sometimes been homegrown—built and designed by a back-end development team.  This no longer holds up. To stay current and have a fresh, current perspective, seek out the opinion of an experienced UX design team or resource, like Catalyst UX.

Is the user experience inconsistent across all of your applications?

user-experienceMany organizations grow their product offering or portfolio through acquisitions. This typically results in multiple solutions, with an inconsistent user experience and downright poor quality.  If this is the case, it might be time to work with a  professional UX firm that can help you map out the customer journey and make sure the experience is effective and consistent no matter where they are transacting.

Was your mobile functionality an afterthought? 

smartphoneHas your mobile capability been designed to address activities truly completed in mobile settings, or has it been a bolted-on after thought.  Most, if not all, applications have a mobile component to them. Given this, it’s important to understand what the user’s experience is in this setting to truly optimize for the best outcome.

How long has it been since your last release?

brokenHas it been four years or more since your last UI release. Professionally designed UI can last five to seven years.  UI designed by back-end developers and product managers may only last for two to three years.  If your UI is four or more years old, it’s time to reevaluate.

Is your functionally incomplete?

function (3)Often, when companies are launching new products, they have to leave out certain features or functionality to get to market. Or, once your product is released, you realize that there are new features that would improve throughput.  If your UI has incomplete functionality, it may be time to update the entire solution.

Does it take your team a long time to get to market?

snail (1)Over time, our product offerings can become complex or out of date. When this happens, it can sometimes lengthen the time it takes to push out new features and updates.  And, as a result, your users may not be able to complete tasks without going outside of your software. This can really hinder business and dampen your competitive edge.

Is your software up to par?

tick-mark (1)Does your software pale in comparison to the competition or an alternative solution?  Then it’s definitely time for a UX update.

Get a UX Health Check.

If you or your company experience any of these signs, it might be time for a proper UX health check.  Contact Catalyst UX for a free one-hour consultation.  Our team of UX researchers, designers and engineers can work with you to understand product shortcomings and find a good step forward.