A study by MIT Sloan found that 34 percent of companies spend more time talking about digital initiatives than acting on them. Don’t be one of those companies. Check out our 7 steps to planning your digital transformation journey.

Start by following these 7 steps:


Explore potential areas for Digital Transformation by speaking with customers, employees, and partners. From this research, you can identify and prioritize opportunities.

Set Transformation Objectives 

Be clear on your goals. Are you striving to transform the customer experience or transforming business processes?

Evaluate Disruptive Technologies  

Keep up to date on disruptive technologies that might solve your Persona’s goals. Disruptive technologies might include AI, predictive analytics, wearables, or mobile.

Envision the Future

Create visual designs that will allow people to envision what the possibilities are.

Master the Digital Services Lifecycle  

Think beyond what technology you’re deploying: design, develop, deploy, manage and continually evolve your digital services.

Organize for Digital Innovation  

The future platform will consist of a highly virtualized, highly distributed ecosystem of services from best-in-class providers.

Validate with Users  

Ensure you continuously validate solutions with users.

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Learn About Digital Transformation For Your Business

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