Catalyst UX On Demand Retainer 

Due to COVID-19, many organizations have been forced to keep employees working remotely. This creates new challenges such as: communication, collaborative work processes, recruiting, and more.  As a result, developing applications across multiple devices can be more difficult. 

In these times, setting up a proficient internal UX team with a proven approach is a tall order. User experience (UX) requires multiple skills including UX architects, UX designers, UI developers, and user researchers, which can be especially challenging to find now. Catalyst UX has helped companies like Cisco, Firemen’s Fund, First Data, JP Morgan Chase, and Roche accomplish these tasks. We can help you.

A Dedicated UX Team

Even in normal times, the minimum-sized UX team for a multi-application organization is six people: a UX Architect, UX Researcher/Analyst, two UX Designers and two UI Developers. These are highly sought after, expensive resources (for example, the fully loaded cost of six-person team is $600-840K per year or $50K-$70K per month).

Catalyst UX can help you by supporting your organization with multiple team members in banks of time that can range from 40 to 160 hours per month. For the same cost as funding one individual, your organization can get the skill set of a full team. Once in place, Catalyst uses a proven user centered UX methodology and a common UX design system to be more effective and to get the job done.  Here’s what you’ll get:

Arrows_Right Monthly Bank of 40 hours

We use this time to keep UX design and development projects moving forward smoothly. We plan and monitor the monthly utilization every other week in an Agile sprint planning session. 

As-Needed Access to All Catalyst Team Members 

That includes UX Architects, UX Designers, UI Developers and Human Factors Researchers. You get who you need, not who you could hire the last time a job requisition opened up. UI developers are provided on retainers with a minimum commitment of one year.

The Catalyst UX Design Library 

Our design library contains proven, reusable patterns of views, new views and reusable panels. Also, it has all functionality common in software, including login, registration, commenting, activity history, user profiles, faceted navigation for large collections, and many other components.

The Catalyst Reusable UI Code Library 

We use common, responsive, reusable UI panels for consistency across multiple devices. These reusable UI panels are pre-coded in various technologies. Using our reusable code accelerates development. It also ensures code is easy to use for your development team members, who may not have deep UI development expertise. Clients with a 12-month retainer commitment have access to our code library. 

The Catalyst Unified UX Methodology 

A proven user-centered UX methodology with specific deliverable is key to getting solid results fast. We’ve evolved our methodology over 600 projects. It ensures delivering a consistent experience across multiple devices and multiple applications.

Quarterly Strategic Planning Session 

Once a quarter we both hold a strategic planning session or a briefing on strategic issues you feel Catalyst UX could contribute to. This may include digital transformation. 

Catalyst UX Master Discount Schedule 

When you have projects that require additional effort beyond your retainer support, you will have a Catalyst UX master discount schedule that offers discounts of 4% to 8% based on annual volume. 


The monthly retainer fees is less than a full-time mid-level hire, with a minimum 6-month commitment. For annual commitments the last month is provided at no charge at an 8% discount. 

Work With Us

Do you have an upcoming project you need help with? Contact us. We’ll talk to you about how we can help.