13 Benefits of a UX Design System

When you examine the complexities inherent to building or growing any digital product, you see how quickly inconsistency, inefficiency, and design debt can creep in. To avoid these pitfalls, a well-documented UX design system is one of the best investments you can make. Not only will it provide a better, more consistent user experience, it will also streamline workflows for your design and development teams. […]

Strategies for Modernizing Legacy Applications

Financial and enterprise applications have become more essential than ever in the past year. According to a report by Plaid, 73% of Americans see Fintech as “the new normal” ever since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic. But now that such applications are becoming even more widely used, it is crucial that these applications stay up-to-date on their software. Modernizing your legacy application can provide your customers with years of continued use and your organization with years of additional revenue. [...]

9 Signs You Need a UX Design System

Software products are increasingly complex because they’re becoming more reliant on shared infrastructure, security, and identity management. You may have dedicated internal teams who manage these different components. But what about the larger aspects of the product that holds it all together? Who ensures that consistent principles are used to govern them, and does your company have documentation that lays everything out? […]

Restart Your UX Efforts Quickly, Reliably and Remotely

Catalyst UX On Demand Retainer  Due to COVID-19, many organizations have been forced to keep employees working remotely. This creates new challenges such as: communication, collaborative work processes, recruiting, and more.  As a result, developing applications across multiple devices can be more difficult.  In these times, setting up a proficient internal UX team with a proven approach is a tall order. User experience (UX) requires multiple skills including UX architects, UX designers, UI developers, and user researchers, which can be [...]

Remote Work Tips for COVID-19

As a design consultancy competing for talent in the Bay Area, finding our niche has been a crucial factor in determining our brand and value offering to our employees. Initially, we primarily interviewed designers that lived in the Bay Area who were willing to commute to our office in San Mateo. While it is beneficial to have everyone in the same office, this meant we were competing with every other Bay Area tech company. Now, we seek seasoned designers with [...]

11 Signs You Need a UX Design System

What Is a UX Design System? What is a UX design system, and why is it important?  If you have a style guide is that enough? The answers to those questions: yes and no. First, a UX design system is the single source of truth for the building blocks of your design.  It includes not only foundations (like brand colors, typeface, icons, etc.) but also components (buttons, form fields), patterns (common layouts), assets, AND rules, constraints, principles and code so [...]

Designing for Digital Transformation

By definition, digital transformation is the process of integrating digital technology into the operations of the business (technologies like data science, AI, machine learning and more).  When done right, digital transformation allows companies to reinvent the customer experience and improve the economics and capabilities of the business. But how do you begin? What are the considerations when embarking upon digital transformation?  This guide covers factors to consider as well as steps to take during this journey. […]