This fall we’re highlighting what we see as the top UX challenges worth taking. Are you ready to up-level UX at your company. Then read on.

#1) Building a Unified UX

A poor user experience doesn’t just hinder the way consumers connect with a brand – it can directly impact the bottom line.  Learn how to create a unified user experience and drive positive business outcomes. Read DesignRush’s interview with our CEO.

For more in-depth information about the Catalyst Unified UX approach, check-out our 3-part series where we:

  • Uncover the unintended consequences of an inconsistent User experience, from higher costs, longer time to market and lower adoption.
  • Help you understand the Unified UX Approach which is a 16-point methodology, refined across nearly 600 projects. Get more information here.
  • How to establish a successful Unified UX practice in your organization from setting up a shared, centralized UX team to developing a Unified UX Design Guide.

The Unified UX Approach is something that Catalyst UX prides itself on. In fact, we were recently awarded Best UX Agency because our client’s benefit from our Unified UX approach.

If your UX is out of date or inconsistent across mobile, desktop and other applications, contact us.  Right now we’re offering a Free UX design concept for former clients. This could be one way to visualize what a unified UX would look like.

#2) Modernizing Your UX

As more and more customers transact business online and through applications, their expectations for a better user experience are heightened.  If your users work with comparable applications with better user experiences, they may consider abandoning your service and moving to a competitor.

Not only that.  An older, fragmented user experience with different applications, devices and release teams can prove costly and frustrating for your business.  Given this, we’ve pulled together a list of 13 signs that it might be time to modernize or unify your UX.

We’ve listed all the signs on this blog, but a few questions to ask yourself?

  • Is your community creating hacks and workarounds?
  • Has it been a few years since your last update?
  • Is your release management across multiple devices cumbersome?

And these are just the tip of the iceberg. The real test is whether customer growth has flatlined or if you’re losing customers to your competition. Before that happens, contact us. We can create a design concept for you that will help you envision your future, more modern UX.

#3) Creating a Great Mobile UX Design

Implementing best practices for mobile design is key to ensuring users have a good experience. When the process of usage is so smooth and effortless that people don’t even think about it, it is the sign of the professional design work.

At Catalyst UX, extending your software to multiple devices is our unique capability. We know it’s difficult. That’s why we distilled our expertise into 25 mobile UX tips to guide you.  Get the PDF here.

Get the Help You Need

Are you ready to take one of our UX Challenges. You won’t regret it.  Setup a free consultation to see where your organization stands on establishing a Unified UX practice, modernizing your UX or extending to mobile.