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Unosquare’s 8th Consecutive Inc. 5000 Win Marks a New Era for Catalyst UX

We are thrilled to announce that Unosquare, our parent company, has made it onto the Inc. 5000 list for their eighth consecutive year.  This milestone demonstrates their year over year relentless pursuit of excellence, innovation, and unparalleled service delivery.  At Catalyst, we are particularly excited because, as a group, we can offer end-to-end management for the design and delivery of your digital product. World-Class End to End Digital Product Design Each on our own, Catalyst and Unosquare offer clients exceptional [...]

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Quiz: Is Your Product Team Considered High-Performing?

Did you know that high-performance teams are 35% more likely to deliver projects on time and exceed customer expectations? A High-Performance digital product team is essential to a UX initiative because they bring together the right skills, foster innovation, adapt to iterative processes, and optimize project efficiency. The question then becomes who do you assemble and what are the characteristics and benefits of this team on your UX initiative? After working with over 1000 digital product teams across the globe [...]

UX Design Insights: Learning from Social Media Giants on Overcoming Cognitive Biases

Social networking platforms are designed to keep users engaged and entertained. The success of these popular platforms, in part, is due to how their UX deliberately reduces the negative effects of certain cognitive biases. In this article, we will examine three common cognitive biases and how LinkedIn, TikTok, and Instagram specifically use those principles to impact their UX design decisions, creating a better online experience for their users. What is a cognitive bias? A cognitive bias refers to a systematic [...]

Validating Your Product Concept: How Lean UX Design Can Help You Iterate Quickly

Lean User Experience (UX) Design is a customer-centric methodology focusing on delivering value to users. It achieves this through an iterative process of experimentation, collaboration, communication, and learning. Lean UX Design reduces waste and maximizes efficiency by adopting a "build, measure, learn" cycle that encourages rapid prototyping and testing. The approach is grounded in the principles of lean methodology, widely used in manufacturing and software development. Cross-functional teams collaborate on UX design concepts to create simple, intuitive products that meet [...]

Why Simplicity in UX Design Matters: The Impacts and Steps to Simplify Your Product

UX design is all about creating user experiences that are intuitive, engaging, and easy to use. One of the most important principles of UX design is simplicity. In this article, we'll explore why simplicity matters in UX design, the impacts of simplicity on user experience, and some steps or ideas to simplify your product. Why Simplicity Matters in UX Design: Simplicity matters in UX design for several reasons. First and foremost, it helps users to understand the product quickly and [...]

How Inclusive Design Can Improve Your Digital Products

Historically, UX pioneers have not emphasized designing for a diverse range of user identities which means UX design is often taught with little-to-no mention of inclusive design practices. In this article, we’ll define these terms and share why inclusive design principles are a critical component of successful UX Design. Accessibility Design vs. Inclusive Design Accessibility and inclusive design often get used interchangeably and while they are related, they are not the same. When talking exclusively about accessibility, it should be [...]

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How ChatGPT Can Help with UX Design

As a journalism major and marketer at Catalyst UX, the initial thought of ChatGPT had me worried about how ChatGPT would impact my job and these industries. As a result, I started to use ChatGPT in my work and found it to be quite useful, if used appropriately.  This got me thinking, how might one use ChatGPT in UX design? Below are some examples of ChatGPT, artificial intelligence, and natural language processing (NLP) and how it affects UX Design. What [...]

Using UX Design to Drive Business Growth

In today's digital landscape, UX design has become increasingly important. Consumers have come to expect high-quality and seamless experiences from the products and services they use. In addition to improving customer satisfaction and loyalty, UX design can have a significant impact on a business's bottom line, driving growth and success. This article outlines the importance of User Experience and the role UX plays in every facet of a business product ecosystem.  The Importance of User Experience A positive user experience [...]

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Mobile Apps During Coronavirus

Mobile App Growth Coronavirus is undoubtedly changing our lives in many ways. One of its biggest side effects is its large-scale disruption to business and consumer behavior. However, if you are a company that delivers a service using the web, a digital solution, or an application, now may be the time for you to invest in and improve your application. […]