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Mobile Apps During Coronavirus

Mobile App Growth Coronavirus is undoubtedly changing our lives in many ways. One of its biggest side effects is its large-scale disruption to business and consumer behavior. However, if you are a company that delivers a service using the web, a digital solution, or an application, now may be the time for you to invest in and improve your application. […]

ux design for iot

UX Design Considerations for IoT Designing for the Internet of Things IoT will confront you with some extra challenges and complexity that you wouldn’t encounter on a “conventional” (software-only) web service. You’ll need to think about some different and perhaps new areas of design that all serve to shape the user experience (UX). […]

25 Tips for Better Mobile UX Design

Implementing best practices for mobile design is key to ensuring users have a good experience. When the process of usage is so smooth and effortless that people don’t even think about it, it is the sign of the professional design work. On the other hand, if there are some problems in the interaction system, users will definitely notice them and won’t be pleased about it.  What’s more, you either give your users what they need, regardless of the device they’re [...]

7 Healthcare UX challenges worth taking

The adoption of digital health services and technologies has steadily been on the rise. Even in 2018, 9 out of 10 users used at least one digital health tool. But what are the tools that should be used? What are the health technology challenges you should take this year?  And beyond technology, what factors should you consider? Here are 7 medical and healthcare UX challenges we think are worth taking this year. […]