We are thrilled to announce that Unosquare, our parent company, has made it onto the Inc. 5000 list for their eighth consecutive year.  This milestone demonstrates their year over year relentless pursuit of excellence, innovation, and unparalleled service delivery.  At Catalyst, we are particularly excited because, as a group, we can offer end-to-end management for the design and delivery of your digital product.

World-Class End to End Digital Product Design

Each on our own, Catalyst and Unosquare offer clients exceptional services in UX design and digital engineering, respectively.  Combined, however, we can offer clients end-to-end digital strategy, design and delivery – and from anywhere in the world.  Our joining forces with Unosquare, a giant in the world of Digital Product Nearshoring, means our clients can save time and money and know that their project is being managed well as we have one dedicated team to manage the project from idea to implementation.  Imagine a world where software isn’t just efficient and functional, visually stunning, user-friendly, and designed with the end user in mind. That’s the world we’re aiming to create.

Elevating User Experience to the Next Level

One of the key aspects that sets Catalyst UX apart is our domain expertise and ability to understand the intricate needs of our clients in specific, highly regulated industries. By combining this with Unosquare’s prowess in software development, we’re now in an even better position to deliver exceptional user experience in the most challenging settings.

Seamless Integration, Enhanced Delivery

While our clients have always appreciated our UI/UX design services, with the added strength of Unosquare, we can ensure even smoother integration with digital design. This combination of skills means faster turnarounds, more cohesive products, and, we hope, happier clients.

Looking Forward With Excitement

Being part of the Unosquare family aligns with our vision of delivering top-notch digital solutions. It offers an opportunity to be part of a legacy—the impressive 8-year streak on the Inc. 5000 list. To our clients, partners, and the incredible team at Unosquare: Let’s make waves in the digital product design universe. The sky’s the limit, and with our combined expertise, we’re confident our collaboration will set new industry standards.

If you have a project or initiative where you need our help, please let us know.