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How UX is Shaping the Future of FinTech

Over the past decade, there has been a huge shift of consumer preference to utilize mobile devices. This shift has impacted every industry, especially banking and financial services. In 2015, mobile banking became the number one way to bank, surpassing branches and online banking (BBA). With this rise in mobile banking—combined with the closing of traditional banks due to the pandemic—the FinTech industry has boomed. Financial services have never been more accessible to the everyday consumer, from asset management to [...]

Strategies for Modernizing Legacy Applications

Financial and enterprise applications have become more essential than ever in the past year. According to a report by Plaid, 73% of Americans see Fintech as “the new normal” ever since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic. But now that such applications are becoming even more widely used, it is crucial that these applications stay up-to-date on their software. Modernizing your legacy application can provide your customers with years of continued use and your organization with years of additional revenue. [...]

7 Steps to transforming Your fintech ux

The FinTech evolution brought us better finance management tools, mobile payments, crowdfunding, fast loans, and peer-to-peer lending. All this was done by brilliant minds that came together, understood the significance of Design Thinking, and created services where banks and financial institutions struggled. Despite that, there are still many financial applications that are out of date. […]