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Five Hazards of Legacy Software

Using and maintaining old software is a dangerous game.  It use to be that you could wait to update your software, but in today’s world technology changes so quickly that not only are you left behind when you don’t update your software, you could be put at a competitive disadvantage — or worse, invite security risks, costly maintenance and more.  Here are five hazards of not updating your software. […]

Strategies for Modernizing Legacy Applications

Financial and enterprise applications have become more essential than ever in the past year. According to a report by Plaid, 73% of Americans see Fintech as “the new normal” ever since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic. But now that such applications are becoming even more widely used, it is crucial that these applications stay up-to-date on their software. Modernizing your legacy application can provide your customers with years of continued use and your organization with years of additional revenue. [...]

13 signs it’s time to modernize your UX

As more and more customers transact business online and through applications, their expectations for a better user experience are heightened.  If your users work with comparable applications with better user experiences, they may consider abandoning your service and moving to a competitor. […]