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Strategies for Modernizing Legacy Applications

Financial and enterprise applications have become more essential than ever in the past year. According to a report by Plaid, 73% of Americans see Fintech as “the new normal” ever since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic. But now that such applications are becoming even more widely used, it is crucial that these applications stay up-to-date on their software. Modernizing your legacy application can provide your customers with years of continued use and your organization with years of additional revenue. [...]


For medical and life science UX projects, user feedback is not only critical, it’s required.  You need to ensure there are no patient hazards and that you are following FDA guidelines.  At Catalyst we’ve done hundreds of Medical / Life Science UX projects — from formative studies in the early stages of product development to summative user studies at the end of a project. […]

9 Proven Ways to Engage Users in UX Design

Most people think something like, “I’m a user and I know what I like. I can create a usable design.” Sadly, all evidence shows that it doesn’t work that way. The User Centered lifecycle includes methods that allow for breakthrough creative — that is inspirational and usable. […]