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Navigating Economic Downturns With UX|UI Innovation

There are clear signs of recession in every industry. This includes supply chain disruptions, negative consumer views, rising interest rates, high inflation, and more. However, while several companies are cutting back on business expenses, the demand for quality services is still increasing.  In today's digital age, several companies interact with consumers and other businesses through digital platforms. Convenience, ease of use, and a great user experience (UX) have become a necessity. This means that, despite the economic downturn, it is [...]

Digital Assistants vs. Digital Companions

Nearly half of all Americans interact with and utilize digital assistants and all the perks they have to offer. But, as our society continues to become more technically proficient, we humans require a more consistent and all-encompassing experience with technology. This progress has made way for the rise of digital companions, the natural evolution of the digital assistant. […]

10 Steps to Creating a UX Design System

Whether they’re using an app to order services or simply doing their jobs, today’s users are savvy consumers of UX. Despite the increased development and support costs required to meet their high expectations, you really can’t afford to ignore them. Ninety percent of users have stopped using an app due to poor performance. Ultimately, inconsistent digital experiences result in lost business and revenue. […]

13 Benefits of a UX Design System

When you examine the complexities inherent to building or growing any digital product, you see how quickly inconsistency, inefficiency, and design debt can creep in. To avoid these pitfalls, a well-documented UX design system is one of the best investments you can make. Not only will it provide a better, more consistent user experience, it will also streamline workflows for your design and development teams. […]

9 Signs You Need a UX Design System

Software products are increasingly complex because they’re becoming more reliant on shared infrastructure, security, and identity management. You may have dedicated internal teams who manage these different components. But what about the larger aspects of the product that holds it all together? Who ensures that consistent principles are used to govern them, and does your company have documentation that lays everything out? […]